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  • Allergens and dietary requirements
    Prior to any event we will ask about any requirements or if there are areas to avoid. We will always provide an ingredient list and allergen profile to you once you have chosen your menu and we will have it available on day of your event. Sometimes, you will be unaware of guests requirements or allergies. So our front of house team members are very well trained and will be on hand to assist and answer questions that pop up. It isn’t always possible but if you are aware of any concerns prior to your event please let our function manager know and we can prepare and serve your guests with minimal disruption. Buffets: Which make sure that our buffets are always labelled with the dish title and any allergens that need to be identified are listed, dietary concerns will also be listed too. We also try to position foods and provide serving utensils to avoid cross-contamimation wherever possible.
  • What timings and access to the site do we need?
    We have two pieces of equipment which are key to a successful night. We have our big wood fired gas assisted spit roast oven. For the meats to be cooked on site over a wood flame we would require access to an outdoor area 20m from buildings. Our slow roasting cooking method takes 7 hours to complete. We would like to be on site 8 hours prior to the main meal being served. We also have a gas only spit roast oven for this unit we can arrive on site 2 hours prior to the main event. This method is sometimes more efficient and practical where access is limited. We would still need a clear site 20m away from any buildings. For non-spit roast events...........xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • How much space is required for the roasting equipment?
    Generally we require 3m x 3m of relatively level ground, we do require 1.2 meter wide access to the site for the “spit Fire”. The buffet will be served from this space also. If you have chosen to start your meal with a grazing station and finishing with a desert station we would require an addition 3mx 2m area. This area doesn’t have to be alongside the main catering area.
  • What power resources do we need?
    We would like to have access to a power supply. We carry extension cords that can cover a distance from the power source of 20 meters.
  • I wanted an outdoor roast but have fewer than 50 people
    The minimum number of guests that we can cater for if have the spit roast is 50 guests. However we do have a “big pan menu” that has some amazing choices and are perfect for occasions with less than 50 guests. We also can do a slow roasted meat selection in our “Gourmet menu” range. If you are still wishing to have a spit roast, you may be charged for 50 people.
  • What happens at the end of a meal?
    After everybody has been through and received their meal, we will then scale down the service area still allowing anyone through for seconds or even thirds (it does happen). We then lay up our infamous decadent & delicious desert grazing boards, guests can then help themselves to whatever takes there fancy as little or as much as they like. Our service team will clear down the room or setting suitably and in a non-intrusive manner in between speeches and other scheduled events during the night.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We are fully prepared for the weather. We have awnings, gazebos and are well equipped to cater if that weather turns on the day or night of your event. We able to cater for events rain, hail or shine to ensure your event runs smoothly.
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