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Fresh, fun, and so beautiful... let's talk Grazing Stations!

What is a Grazing Station?

Originating in our home country, Australia, a Grazing Station is a display of carefully selected and arranged edible delights. Also known as a Grazing Table, Board or Buffet, they are an exciting and innovative way to cater to groups of people, small or large. Mixing fresh and preserved local produce, the Scout & Hunter Grazing Station menu is curated to balance colours, textures and flavours that are sure to tantalise.


What makes a Grazing Station special?


Social eating has existed around the world for as long as people have been gathering together. Building on beautiful social culinary traditions such as the Nordic Smörgåsbord and the Middle-Eastern Mezze, Grazing Stations bring your guests together - allowing them to graze and mingle without the formality of canapés, or a sit-down meal.

Attractive and welcoming, a Grazing Station really provides that wow factor that will surprise and delight your guests as they enter your event space. And the Grazing Station format is wonderfully versatile - use it to replace a starter, as an alternative to a heavy evening meal, or even as a striking accompaniment to your main meal.

If you'd like to know more about how we can make our Grazing Stations work for your event, get in touch here.

Grazing Menus

The Scout & Hunter Grazer

Cured & Smoked Hams - Parma Ham, Salami, Mortadella, Chorizo

Soft, Firm, Blue & Marinated Cheeses
Fresh Fruit & Nuts, Olives

Tangy House-made Pickles, Pates & Chutneys

Soft Breads & Crisp Crackers

From £9 per guest

Dessert Grazer

Scout's Indulgent Dessert Grazer

Rich Tortes, Tarts & Truffles

Brownies, Cheesecakes & Rocky Road

Fluffy Cupcakes, Cake Pops & Doughnut Balls

Scones, Eclairs, Profiteroles, Macarons

Fruit Kebobs with Honey

Chocolate Cups & Chocolate Mousse

Expertly accented with Meringue Pieces, Honeycomb, Chocolate Shards, Wafers & Edible Flowers

From £8 per guest

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All of our food is freshly prepared, locally and ethically sourced. All of our meats are ethically sourced and are locally traceable. Our fruits and vegetables also come from local producers. We pride ourselves on our relationship with local farmers and are proud to keep things local.

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