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Canapés, BBQ, Roast & Buffet


From  £26 per guest + service

The perfect option for engagement parties, wedding and social receptions. Keeps the crowd mixing and mingling.

Great for:

Celebrations and life events.

Party Style Roast Sample Menu

Social Canapés


Pancetta & Green Pea Tartlets


Spanish Frittata with Fresh Herbs

& Charred Mediterranean Vegetables


Smoked Bacon, Gruyère Cheese

& Caramelised Onion Arancini

Roast Main

Whole British-Bred Pig

Outdoor-reared, high welfare pork smoked with sherry-soaked applewood or willow chips

Spanish Salada

Grilled chorizo, cherry tomatoes, baked baby potatoes, spring onions, roasted red pepper aioli dressing

Traditional Caesar

Garlic croutons, baby gem lettuce, bacon shards, parmesan cheese, egg, creamy Caesar dressing

Potato Dauphinoise

Thinly sliced potatoes with butter, cream, cheese, bacon & onions

& Soft Floured Rolls baked on the day

House-Made Apple Sauce, Thick & Rich Gravy and Condiments, Crunchy Crackling

Personalise your party!

We love to customise our menus to suit your unique style.

Every savoury item on our sample menu can be substituted for another delicious equivalent from our Brilliant Buffet Menus.

Click below to discover our exciting range of options.

Get creating!

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