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Scout and Hunters packaging and single use disposables plan of attack!!

Scout and Hunter owners and team members are trying to take all steps and measures to reduce, reuse and recycle. You will find our street food catering brands and outlets across the south of the country having appeared at some of Dorset’s, Hampshire’s favourite festivals.


Chances are you have probably had a one of our signature wraps from “Wrap Stars” or pulled pork baguettes.


You may have even attended a special event where Scout and Hunter and been invited to and have catered for a special event

We are heading for climate emergency. Many councils and festival organisers have caught on and realise that we all need to change the way we operate.

Scout and Hunter Have introduced some new service procedures immediately to keep leading the charge with our environmental and sustainability operating policies and procedures.

At any event you will always be offered discount on your coffee or hot chocolate if you BYO cup.  We will still be using compostable cups but we would prefer that we all used reusable cups in the outlets.

With any special private catering event that “we are invited to “be it your Wedding, Birthday, anniversary we will always use washable crockery, cutlery, cups and plates.

We have just introduced a brand new bit of technology in our festival outlets to help reduce waist and print costs. We call it the loyalty card that can’t be lost!! Not really, it’s an app that is on your phone and every time you purchase a product from any one of our festival outlets we scan a loyalty stamp onto your phone. Every 10th scan is free.

Our range of disposables are fully compostable and biodegradable, the raw stock is produced using pure Bamboo Fibre (rather than paper) making the "ultimate Eco range" highly sustainable. This means No trees were felled to make this cup, a positive result which supports the movement to reduce and prevent deforestation. The bamboo material is lined and sealed with PLA - a food grade compostable inner lining, made from plants not plastic.

Our burger, Paper wrap, baguette, chip or plate take away containers are Disposable, Compostable & Biodegradable. Manufactured from pulped, non-wood fibres such as sugarcane and bamboo.

Where we can we will remove our compostable waist from festivals, street food sites, show, etc.

All we ask is that you please split your rubbish.

Food or packaging. The bins we use are clearly marked, we know that it’s not always possible but every little bit of effort does help.

We have introduced a rocket food waste composter at or base camp (head office). This will enable us to shred packaging with any food waste and compost the lot down and then use as a nutrient source for our gardens.

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