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The Fair Dinkum BBQ

From  £?? per guest

Exciting and fun, the Fair Dinkum BBQ menu is ideal for social events, with guests moving around in the crowd. Starting from our Australian homeland and taking inspiration from across the globe, we tempt your taste buds with our sumptuous skewers.

Great for:

Sporting Events, Work Parties, Showcases and Product Launches

Personalise your party!

We love to customise our menus to suit your unique style.

Every item on our sample menu can be substituted for another delicious equivalent from our Brilliant Buffet Menus.

Click below to discover our exciting range of options.

Get creating!

Sample Menu BG 1.png
Sample Menu BG 1.png

Sample Menu

Whole British-Bred Pig
Outdoor-reared, high welfare pork smoked with sherry-soaked applewood or willow chips

El Asado Salad
Roasted corn, roasted red peppers, sweet onion, chives, coriander, patatas bravas, chorizo sausage, diced tomato

Slow-Roasted Woodfired Ratatouille
Charred peppers, courgettes, golden shallots, aubergine

Baked Whole Potatoes
Topped with sour cream, cheese, crunchy bacon bits, chives


Soft Floured Rolls baked on the day, House-Made Apple Sauce, Thick & Rich Gravy and Condiments, Crunchy Crackling

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